Feed Back

Send us your feedback and suggestions to improve our services.

    01: How is the teaching method of your Quran tutor?
    ExcellentVery GoodFairly BadDon’t like at all

    02: Do you face language problem with teacher during class? If yes please rate it.
    No problem at allModerate/BearableVery LowCan’t understand at all

    03: Do you face any internet problem during class?
    NeverRarelyMostlyAll the time

    04: Do you have any missed class (due to us)? If yes do you receive replacement class?
    Not missed any classYes but received allReceived few of themNo replacement class

    05: Do you get any response of complaint from our representative within time? If yes How quick?
    PromptlyFairly quickVery lateNo response at all

    06: Do you receive any reminder call for your class when you are offline?
    Yes always within 5 minutesYes mostly receive callRarely receive callNo never received a phone call

    07: Were you provided technical assistance for trouble shooting?
    Yes - it was very helpingYes - it was fairly helpingYes but not helpingNo help provided

    08: How do you rate the help & support?
    ExcellentVery GoodFairly BadNo helping at all