Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is Islamic Reading?

Islamic Reading is a religious organization established in 2011 which provides online Quran Reading and other Islamic services online.

2. Are you a home visiting Quran tutor provider?

No, we are not home visiting Quran tutor provider. We teach online Quran.

3. Are you located in USA?

HQ of Islamic Reading is located in Atlanta GA USA but our tutoring centers are scattered all over the world.

1. Can I choose my preferred timings?

Yes, you can always choose your preferred timings for your online Quran/Islamic class.

2. Can I signup for more than 1 course at a time?

Definitely, you can enroll for as many courses as you like, provided you can manage to be regular in all the classes.

3. Do you provide female tutors?

Yes, we can provide female tutor on your request.

4. Is there any discount available?

Discounted fees start only for 2nd and 3rd child and onward. There are some student referral discounts which are available to you once your referred student start paying their fee.

5. How the missed classes are managed?

Your tutor will either take advance classes or he will arrange the makeup class timing with you. But if you miss the class, there will be no makeup.

1.Who are your tutors?

Our tutors are qualified Hafiz and Qaris, and has the detailed knowledge of Quran and Islam.

2. Can I change my tutor if I am not satisfied?

Yes. you can change your tutor any time you like if you are not satisfied but Inshallah you will find every of our tutor worthy of being a tutor.

3. Can your tutors take custom classes?

Yes, tutor can take custom class if they are free and does not have any issue in timings.

4. What if my tutor is not available?

You will be informed by phone or by email in advance if your tutor is not available.

1. How do I have to pay?

You can use your Credit/Debit card through “PayPal” which is the most secure way of payment. Otherwise you can use Western Union, Money order, or Bank transfer etc.

2. When the fees has to be paid?

As soon as you finish your trial classes and is satisfied to enrole as regular student, you have to make the payment in advance.

3. What if I can`t take classes. Is there any refund?

Yes. if you, due to some reason, can`t take classes (provided you informed us prior to the class) and have already paid the fee, we will refund your fee on your request.

4. How will I be billed?

We have “Subscription” and “Pay as you Go” plans. If you chose Subscription Plan, You will be billed on a cycle of 30 days period starting from the first day of payment. And if you chose Pay as you Go, we will remind you via email or phone, every month, starting from the first day of your payment.

1.What equipment do I need?

You will need follow equipment;

  • Any suitable screen ( we recommend a Tab or laptop )
  • Internet connection ( Cable DSL/Broadband will be suitable )
  • A headset ( any ordinary one )

2. What software do you use for tutoring?

We use Zoom app (A cloud based application which can be used on any platform.) for Quran screen sharing. Our support team will help you install all the software, once you send us a request for trial classes.

3. Do I have to pay for the software?

No. you don’t have to pay anything for the software. Skype is free but we will pay for Screen Sharing Software for Online Islamic Teaching, not you.