Islamic Reading started its Islamic services in 2011 with the aim to bring all the Muslims to one platform to understand the Holy Quran and recite it to the best of the effort. We were inspired by the fact that people living in Non-Arab countries have limited access to Islamic Places and Institutions due to which they are unable to learn the necessary Islamic Knowledge. Since then, we have helped hundreds of Kids, Adults, Ladies and Gentlemen from all over the world to be able to follow the principles of Islam, specially the ones which are in the Holy Quran. Our aim is to continue our Islamic Courses and Islamic Services as long as we can, and help as many people as we can to help learn how to properly the Holy Quran.


At Islamic Reading, we have many Islamic Courses and Quran Courses which are taught online at the convenience of your time and place. We have Quran Reading Course, Basic and Advance Tajweed Course, Quran Translation Course, Tafseer ul Quran Course and other short Islamic Courses for Kids, Men, Women and Older people. We also have many products which will help you to learn how to write the Arabic Script. These products are specially developed for kids and for those people who wants to gain in depth knowledge of Arabic Language. After completing at least one Islamic Course with us, you will feel that you have much more knowledge now. We teach our students how to read the Holy Quran with proper pronunciation and how to implement Quran Teachings in our daily life.


At Islamic Reading, the methodology of transferring the knowledge of Holy Quran is so unique that any student who attended a few classes with us got so much interested and attached with us that he/she never wanted to leave. We use state of the art equipment for the uninterruptible teaching sessions and our tutors are so much in love with teaching that no matter how old the student is, regardless of the gender of the student, our Quran Teaching classes will make you learn more and more. Trail classes will give you an insight of our aim and our method how we are spreading the true spirit of Islam through the latest technology.