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We are the only company over the internet world that provides so many Quranic and Islamic courses than any other Islamic service provider. We have been in online Quran teaching industry since last 12 years and have enabled thousands of kids, adults and senior citizens to turn out to be a better and practical Muslim through our Islamic services. We are the only online Quran Teaching services provider that focuses on not only teaching of Holy Quran but also the character building according to the Islamic rules and Shariah laws. We have very dedicated and qualified faculty who helps the Muslim community all over the world in Islamic education thus helping the spread of Allah`s message across the seven continents. In Sha Allah like many other past clients, you will be satisfied and amazed by our services.

Why Us?

We know why we are here and our only real focus is to live each day to the fullest, honor God and be a source of encouragement to others. What future holds is firmly in Allah’s hand and we are very happy about it. Islamic Reading International has a very clear aim of enlightening the Muslim community all over the world with the great message of Allah so that Muslims all over the world can be differentiated from all the other nations, and can be the best Ummah, as Allah created us the best of the creatures. Apart from that Islamic Reading International have following qualities that make us stand out from many other service providers.

See why we are different from other service providers;

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    Individual Classes

    Taking out single topic, single track, and single instructor and single outline boosts student’s research and educational environment. In this manner teacher gives every student a single lesson to single student. Due to this strategy student expansion individual attention of teacher and learn in a more serious direction. So we embellishment student further down, one to one tuition and lesson headway as hurriedly or as gradually as you require.

    Round the Clock Timings

    Busy in the day or night? Don’t worry at all. Islamic Reading International gives you the flexibility of class timing. Our tutors are available round the clock to teach you the Holy Quran It’s up to you when you want to conduct the class according to the daily time schedule. Due to this flexibility your daily commitments, obligation will not agitate. This flexibility of time leaves, students to-do-all their other social or co-curricular activities without any time investment.

    Collaborated Classes

    Do you have difficulty concentrating alone? Join our collaborative class. Islamic Reading International is also offering you team-up classes for group work. Students interact with each other and can discuss group study. And this collaboration encourages a positive position towards the subject matter and builds self-esteem in pupils. This process also builds an environment of energetic, involved, experimental wisdom. The students work together securely.

    Female Tutors

    Worried about finding a female tutor? We are here to help. We also have professional female tutors. Especially for the females who require to have their classes from female teachers due to grounds of house commitments and responsibilities. That’s why most of the parents favor female teacher for their daughters because female students feel comfortable with female instructors. Islamic Reading International is already fulfilling your desired term.

    Professional Linguist Tutors

    Not satisfied with the previous tutor`s teaching method? Try us! Islamic Reading International has professional teachers who have been picked up by careful selection criteria and have command on multi languages. They are dedicated and experienced, trained well before putting on teaching students. They transfer to student the oral fluency of languages with the best of their efforts, like English, Urdu, and Arabic. They develop higher level of speaking skills.

    OS Inter operateability

    Want to have class on-the-go or relaxed at home? Exploring a broad-ranging workflow application for different end-user devices, Islamic reading international uses the quality software that can run on any device whether you are using a desktop, IPad, laptop or any other device. Our technical staff is always available to help you on any kind of technical issue. Feel free to ask any application based question or problem. Our experienced staff will help you out.

    Some qualities that differentiate us from others

    • Free demonstration course of study.

    • Best academy for providing live classes.

    • Merit based hiring process.

    • Quality Softwares

    • Availability of time of your choice.

    • Very reasonable fee.

    • No hidden charges.

    • Specialized tutor of Urdu, Arabic.

    • Significant number of overseas students.

    • Backup of generators, UPS & internet

    • Technical staff to resolve IT issues

    • Daily Islamic blogs.

    What people are saying about us

    By Far the best Quran learning teacher I’ve had. I’ve completed the Quran twice, but my Teacher Hafiz Adnan was still able to show me how many mistakes I’ve made. Ones none of my previous have mentioned. I highly recommend the Teachers here.

    Faran, Maryland, USA, Course: Quran Translation

    JazakAllah Hafiz Adnan, I highly recommend the Quran teaching method of Adnan, He is friendly with kids and make learning easy for them. I also request all friends if they can give recommendation to others to extend Adnan work.

    Ayat Sikandar, Canberra Australia, Course: Quran Reading

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